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The 2020 Spinraiser help at Gym St-Henri is over. 
Thank you to every participant, every donor, and to our sponsors. Together, we were able to raise $17790 to replenish the special assistance fund to help the most vulnerable women in Montreal. See you in 2021!

Pedal and raise funds to support women without a health insurance card
In Montreal, it is estimated that more than 35,000 women do not have a health insurance card. They are women of all origins and are in a particularly vulnerable situation: without resources, often without status, they go through a personal crisis or are dependent on a sponsorship that leaves them little room for maneuver.

Each year, the Montreal Women's Health Center provides a special assistance fund to help these women. We are one of the very few organizations to have this type of fund for women without resources. Thanks to the endowments of several organizations, companies, deputies and individuals, we help hundreds of women without health insurance cards for the health care necessary for their contraception or for an abortion. Demand is growing, particularly because 811, CLSCs and hospitals send these women to us.

We would like to thank our sponsors:

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Artiste : Nicolai Heidlas
Titre : Back In Summer

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