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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsatisfied with our services?

Are you dissatisfied with our services? Let us know…

The Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal is committed to offering quality services. Our staff team values a unique and feminist approach, where empathy, attentiveness, and respect are at the heart of each interaction. Your comments will help contribute to the betterment of our services! We respect your rights and appreciate your comments. Any complaint will be considered with our full attention and respect.


Who to make a complaint?

The treatment of comments and complaints is the responsibility of the Executive Director, who will take the time necessary to fully understand the nature of the problem and will try to resolve it, ensuring respect for your rights.

How to make a comment or a complaint?

Email the Executive Director. She will investigate the workers or doctors involved in the incident, analyze the facts, and determine if corrective action should be taken. She will inform you in writing of the result, no later than 30 days after receipt of the complaint. Where appropriate, the Executive Director will provide direction to the Center’s workers and will follow up.

Mrs Lorena Garrido
514 270 6110, extension 33

Do you need help formulating your complaint or would you like to be accompanied?

Anyone of your choice can accompany you or assist you at all stages of your process. The Assistance and Complaint Support Center can accompany you at any time. Community organization mandated by the Minister of Health and Social Services, its services are free and confidential.

CAAP of the Island of Montreal
514 861 5998

You are not satisfied with the treatment of your complaint by the CSFM?

Contact the local service quality and complaints commissioner at CIUSSS Center Sud
Ms. Céline Roy
4675 Bélanger Street, Montreal H1T 1C2
514 593-3600

If the complaint involves a doctor,
contact the Collège des médecins du Québec
514 933-4787

Make a donation (in accordance with the donation acceptance policy)

What is the purpose of a donation acceptance policy?

This policy, adopted by the Board of Directors at its meeting of January 22, 2018, is intended to guarantee an informed position regarding the acceptance of donations, as well as the respect of the legal requirements, in particular those provided by the Income Tax Act.

What does the CSFM donation acceptance policy say?

This policy stipulates that under no circumstances is the Montreal Women’s Health Center obliged to accept a gift offered to it.

In particular, the Center may refuse a donation:
– contrary to law or public order
– whose provenance could compromise the autonomy, integrity, mission or reputation of the  Center
– the conditions of which ensure that the donor retains undue control over the use and management of the sums donated
– for which the donor can not establish the legitimacy of the source of the sums, at the request of the Center
– which creates financial or other obligations deemed inappropriate or disadvantageous for the Center

The Executive Director is authorized to accept, for and on behalf of the Center, any donation made, following these instructions. and consulting the board of directors as needed.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Le Centre des femmes de Montréal s’assure de mettre en place des mesures de prévention selon les recommandations gouvernementales pour contrer les risques de propagation. Pour plus de détails, cliquez sur la page d’information “COVID-19: Mesures préventives et modifications de nos services” sur notre page d’accueil. Merci!