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Our abortion clinic

Our abortion clinic is equivalent to a private abortion clinic, but with a community-driven and feminist approach. We offer this service to all women. You are not required to have a medical file with the Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal (Montréal Women’s Health Centre).

A unique community-driven feminist approach

At the Centre, the staff is well aware of the taboos tied to abortion and the emotions that may accompany this choice. They offer their support throughout the process, using a feminist approach which aims to empower women and give them full control over their bodies and health.

Two abortion methods

We offer to types of abortions: surgical abortion and medical abortion.


Our approach

Our abortion services are unique in the following ways:

  • Empathetic support from a team of nurses, support workers, and doctors
  • A team composed solely of women

Surgical abortion:

  • Only one appointment for a preliminary meeting, the procedure, and recovery time, for a total of about three hours. It is possible to extend the appointment over two days.
  • You choose whether or not to take pain relief medication.
  • You have the possibility to be accompanied by the person of your choice, in the room, during the abortion. Note that this possibility varies between doctors. If it is important to you, let us know, and we will schedule your appointment for when this is possible.

Medical abortion:

  • Two appointments for a total of about 2 hours.
  • You choose whether or not to take pain relief medication.

Costs of the procedure

Abortion services are FREE with the Québec Health Insurance Plan card (RAMQ) and for women under the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP).

Without a card, the fees are as follows, although we encourage you to check with your insurance as several companies cover abortion services:

  • $650.00 from 6 to 13.6 weeks of pregnancy
  • $850.00 from 14 to 14.6 weeks of pregnancy

You can pay cash, debit or credit.

For a medical abortion, there is an additional cost of the medication you must buy at the pharmacy (between $300.00 and $350.00)

*The Centre has a support fund for women with low income.

Before making an appointment

You will need to have tested positive on a urine pregnancy test. Once you call, we will ask you when the first day of your last menstrual period was.

It is better if you call us yourself to make an appointment. We will need to ask you a few questions and give you important information.

Read before you come to the Center

In preparation, you may read the booklet that you will be given at your arrival at the clinic.








You can also read this summary comparison of the methods.

For your first appointment

Taking into account your current health, situation and results of the ultrasound, you will then choose an abortion method (either surgical or medical abortion).  Because there are possible contraindications, you should be prepared for both options.

If you work or go to school, plan to be absent for the whole day, so you can take the time to rest. In order to keep the recovery room as calm as possible, it’s best to not bring young children with you. If you have no other alternative, you must come accompanied with someone who can stay with them in the waiting room during your appointment.

Wear comfortable clothes with a t-shirt or short sleeves.

Don’t forget your Québec Health Insurance card (or a temporary certificate) or your IFHP document (Interim Federal Health Program). Otherwise, you will have to cover the costs of the procedure (cash, debit, credit).

You can eat a light meal.

Bring sanitary pads or ample underwear (no “G-strings”). If you choose to take intravenous pain medication for the surgical abortion, such as fentanyl with or without midazolam (Versed®), be aware that you won’t be able to drive a vehicle for 24 hours following the procedure.

If you undergo a surgical abortion, make sure someone can accompany you home.

For asthma sufferers: bring your medication (pumps).

Please note: it is very important that you respect the time of your appointment. If you can’t, please let us know as soon as possible, call: 514-270-6110 #1.

Certain health conditions could result in a contraindication for an abortion in an external clinic. If you have any health issues, such as diabetes, heart problems, a heavier weight, blood clotting problems or uncontrolled asthma, mention it to us when you make your appointment. If you have any doubts or questions, let us know when you make your appointment. If the doctor believes that it would be safer for you to undergo an abortion in a hospital setting, we will help you make an appointment.

After surgical abortion

This booklet will be given to you after the intervention. It brings together all the important information for your return home.

After medical abortion

This booklet will be given to you after the intervention. It brings together all the important information for your return home.

Unsatisfied with our services?

The Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal is committed to offering quality services. Our staff team values a unique and feminist approach, where empathy, attentiveness, and respect are at the heart of each interaction. Are you dissatisfied with our services? Let us know… Your comments will help contribute to the betterment of our services! We respect your rights and appreciate your comments. Any complaint will be considered with our full attention and respect.